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Welcome to Washington Yoga Center, a studio like none other.

Yoga, a holistic practice, enables practitioners to live life fully and well, physically and mentally.  It offers us the art and science of healthful living.

Regular practice of asanas (poses), pranayamas (breath) and meditation can make a profound difference to the quality of life for everyone. And, for those of us suffering from ailments such as asthma, diabetes, bad backs, chronic pain, anxiety, depression, heart disease, extreme stress and many more, appropriate yoga practices are especially helpful in effective treatment and management.

The vision for Washington Yoga Center is that it becomes a center of excellence in our area for teaching different styles of yoga, pranayamas and meditation, and that our yoga is accessible to all.

Our teachers are among the best in the area, exceptionally well trained and knowledgeable, and teach exceptional classes. We pay special attention to individual students and adjustments made to meet specific needs.

If you practice yoga, or want to begin a practice, come see for yourself what others are talking about at Washington Yoga Center!

I look forward to meeting you.

Kiron Bhandari

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